Delft, City Hall (
Delft, City Hall (

Delft, officially a city since 1246, is the city of the House of Orange. William of Orange, the founder of the Netherlands, was shot in Delft in 1584 and buried in this city. Due to this burial, the Orange family began a new tradition and Delft has become the official burial place for the Royal family. Another tradition in Delft is the producing of historic earthenware. Royal Delft, founded in 1635, is still producing the famous Delft blue pottery. A visit to this factory gives you a good picture of how pottery is made. Delft was also the home town and inspiration of the well know painter Johannes Vermeer. During our walking tour you will see why Vermeer was inspired by Delft.

Delft, famous Delftware (
Delft, famous Delftware (


8 hour guided tour (with car of minivan)

ticket Royal Delft € 13,50 pp,

lunch € 15,-pp


6-8 persons: € 420,- per group (tickets and meals not included)     

4-5 persons: € 400,- per group (tickets and meals not included)    

1-3 persons: € 320,- per group (tickets and meals not included)


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