KRöller MÜller museum + giethoorn

This tour will take your group to the eastern part of the Netherlands, combining culture, nature and history. Our first visit is the Kröller Müller museum in the forests of the National Park the Hoge Veluwe. The Museum displays 40 works by Vincent van Gogh. Furthermore you will also find masterpieces by modern masters such as Monet, Picasso and MondriaanLater on we'll visit Giethoorn, also called 'small Venice of the North'. The best way to visit this car-free town with restored farmhouses is by 'punters'. This is a small boat with a silent engine. On our way back home we drive through the 'polders'. A 'polder' is a piece of low-lying land reclaimed from the sea or river and proctected by dykes. 


10 hour guided tour to Kröller Müller Museum and Giethoorn (with car of minivan)

ticket Museum/Hoge Veluwe € 20,- pp,

lunch € 15,-

ticket boat € 37,- per group


6-8 persons: € 500,- per group (tickets and meals not included)  

4-5 persons: € 470,- per group (tickets and meals not included)

1-3 persons: € 400,- per group (tickets and meals not included)


We can pick up your group in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht and all cities in between.


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