Keukenhof, the best day out among the flowers! Over 7 million bulbs will bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique, unforgettable experience!
Besides the spacious 32 hectares of flowers you can enjoy the spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique art and wonderful events. Do not miss the Tulip mania exhibition at the Juliana Pavilion. Keukenhof is also fun for the children. They will have a blast with the treasure hunt, petting farm, maze and the playground. In the afternoon will take you to the famous tullipfields in near the Keukenhof. 

Keukenhof will be open from 21 March - 10 May 2020.


6 hour guided tour to the Keukenhof and the famous tulip fields (including car or minivan)

Tickets: € 17,50 pp

4-8 persons: € 400,- per group (excl tickets)

1-3 persons: € 300,- per group (excl tickets)


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