We are a travel organization for small groups visiting Holland. In our private coach (4-8 persons) or luxury car (3 persons) our guide can drive you to every destination in Holland. Of course, we will bring you to the most famous places like the Keukenhof, Amsterdam or Volendam without any parking costs, but we also bring you to unknown Dutch places. Our symbol is the Dutch Tulip, symbolizing the colourful Dutch society. If you have any questions or comments or if you would like to ask for more information, you can send an e-mail to info@HollandDutchTours.nl.


Day trips

We've already selected our favourite destinations.  HollandDutchTours.nl can pick you up at any place in Holland. If possible we will take the local roads to our destination, in stead of the highways. The prices mentioned in 'Day trips' are based on departure cities Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague and all cities in between.  

Request a quotation without obligation tailored to your situation. Most of our day trips start at 10.00 am.


Multiple Day trips

HollandDutchTours.nl can also provide two or three day tours in Holland. If you want a hotel or maybe a little cottage, no problem for us. Let us know what you want and we will search for the best options. Or let us suprise you with our suggestions.


Music and Sport Events 

Besides our daytrips we can offer you trips to typical Dutch sport and Dutch music events, including tickets. Check out the links and you will see more about music and sport in the Netherlands.



Our name

The name of our company HollandDutchTours.nl is based on the three different names for our country. The Netherlands (.nl) is the country as a whole. It means 'low countries', because most of our country lies below the sea level. Holland is the western part of the Netherlands. In this part you can find historical towns like Amsterdam and Delft. And the word Dutch refers to the people living in the Netherlands. 

Jan Jaspers, HollandDutchTours.nl
Jan Jaspers, HollandDutchTours.nl

Your host

My name is Jan Jaspers. I've studied Dutch History at the University of Groningen and Tourism at the NHTV in Breda. I have been a guide in Archeon, an archeologic Museum in Alphen aan den Rijn. And for several years I've worked at a travel company. I've organized short stay trips and long stay trips in Holland and Europe.


I was born in the east, I've  studied in the north and the south and now I am living in the west. The Netherlands are my home, and I like to show you my beautiful country.